Kenneth Copeland published an article about "The Blessing" in his Victory Magazine. With permission, I have posted those articles below. For me, the articles give me an understanding of the plumb line that is to be in my life. I pray you are blessed by it. I know it is long, but it is something that can be read over and over to keep it fresh upon our hearts.


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The Blessing [Ref: Kenneth Copeland]

Most of us think that word simply refers to something
good that God gives us—a gift He bestows. But
the blessing of God actually extends far beyond that.
It includes not only His gifts, but the creative power
behind them. It speaks not only of what we have been
given but of who we are and what God has anointed
us to do.


If you are a born-again child of God, The Blessing
encompasses your identity, your capacity and your call.
Such a statement might sound to some like an
exaggeration, and it would be if I were using the
word blessing like we usually do—to mean an isolated
outbreak of God’s goodness in some area of
life. But I’m not talking about a blessing like that.
I’m talking about The Blessing—and that is a far
greater thing.


A Dramatic Moment in Divine History

To understand the true scope of The Blessing, we must
trace its origin back through the Bible to the first chapter
of Genesis. There, in what I believe was one of the most
dramatic moments in divine history, The Blessing made its
first appearance.


In the six days leading up to it, God had spoken the
earth into being. He had said, "Light be!"…and light
was. At His command, the sun, moon, stars and sea had
all been set in place. Plant, animal and marine life had all
been brought forth by God's Word. Everything had been
made ready for His crowning creation: "And God said, Let
us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them
have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl
of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and
over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth"
(Genesis 1:26).


Personally, I believe at that moment a hush fell over
the universe as all the angels and heavenly host waited in
anticipation to see this God-like being who was about to
be created. Their attention was riveted upon this being
called man who was to be given authority over the earth.
What would this creature be like? What kind of power
would he possess? What work would God give him to do?
All those questions were answered in an instant with
what happened next.


So God created man in his own image, in the image
of God created he him; male and female created
he them. And God blessed them, and God said
unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish
the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over
the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and
over every living thing that moveth upon the earth
(verses 27-28).


The First Words Adam Ever Heard

With those words, God imparted to Adam and Eve—
and to all mankind—The Blessing. He told them who they
were: the lords of the earth created by God in His image
as rulers and royalty. He told them what they were supposed
to do: replenish (or fill up) the earth, subdue it and
bring it into line with the perfect will of God. He also
gave them the power to carry out that assignment.
To bless actually means "to empower." So the first words
Adam ever heard, the first sound that ever struck his eardrums
was the sound of God's voice empowering him with
the divine, creative ability to reign over the earth and make
it a perfect reflection of God's best and highest will.
How did Adam know what God's perfect will for the
earth was?


All he had to do was look around him. He was living in
the Garden of Eden—a place created and ordered by God
Himself. That Garden was a perfect demonstration of
God's plan for this planet. It was a prototype of what He
wanted the whole thing to be.


Adam's job was to exercise his God-given authority and
expand that Garden until it encompassed the entire earth.
That's what The Blessing was for! It provided Adam with
the power to carry on the work God began in creation. It
equipped him with the divine resources he needed to follow
God's example and, by speaking anointed, faith-filled
words, transform the uncultivated parts of this planet into
a veritable Garden of Eden.


In other words, The Blessing empowered Adam to be a
blessing wherever he went. The Garden of Eden was literally
inside Adam.


The God Who Never Quits

Of course, we all know that Adam and Eve messed things
up. Instead of operating in The Blessing they'd been given
and becoming a blessing to the whole earth, they disconnected
from God through disobedience. They bowed their
knee to the devil and gave him access to their God-given
authority. When they did, the whole deal was twisted.


The Blessing was turned into a curse. Instead of prospering
under their oversight, the earth resisted them and
became their enemy. Instead of speaking to it and reigning
over it as kings, Adam and Eve worked it like slaves,
sweating and laboring just to eke out a living. Talk about a
long fall! Adam had once had enough power to subdue the
entire earth and bless it; after sin entered the picture, he
could hardly make a living in his own garden.


Even so, God didn't give up on His original plan. He
never does. There's no variableness or shadow of change in
Him. Once He sets out to do something, He stays with it
until it's done.


So it's no surprise that just a few chapters later, in
Genesis 12, we find Him reestablishing The Blessing that
Adam threw away. We find Him offering it again to a man
who was willing to obey Him and enter into a covenant
relationship with Him. We find Him saying to a man
named Abram:

Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred,
and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will
show thee: And I will make of thee a great nation,
and I will bless thee, and make thy name great;
and thou shalt be a blessing: And I will bless them
that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee:
and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed
(Genesis 12:1-3).


From Generation to Generation

There's no question about it. That wasn't just any blessing
God was offering to Abram. It was The Blessing—the
same one Adam was given, the same divine ability and
creative anointing that caused goodness and prosperity to
spring forth everywhere Adam went. Once again, as He
did in Genesis 1, God was offering to a man the power to
bless the whole earth.


Abram responded differently to that blessing than
Adam did. He didn't blow it off. He received it with
respect and began to operate in it by faith. He even taught
it to his children and passed the blessing along to them.
What was the result? Eden-like conditions began to
blossom in Abram's life. Just as God showed up in the
Garden to fellowship with Adam and Eve, God began to
visit Abram and talk with him. Their relationship was so
strong and close that God referred to Abraham (Abram's
God-given name) as His friend.


Abraham's physical body began to reflect the conditions
of the Garden as well. The Blessing so renewed
and regenerated him that he and his once-barren wife,
Sarah, were able to have a son when she was 90 and he
was 100 years old.


The great material abundance that marked the Garden
of Eden began to manifest in Abraham's life too. He
became very rich in cattle, silver and gold. Everywhere he
went, he prospered financially.


Because of The Blessing, Abraham and the members of
his household learned how to do things they couldn't do
before. Without any formal military training, for example,
Abraham's servants became expert warriors. They fought
so effectively that when a coalition of foreign armies
attacked, Abraham whipped the whole bunch with just
318 of his servants. Then he freed all the captives and
walked away with all the spoil.


Those are the kinds of results The Blessing produced
again and again in Abraham's life. They
didn't stop with him, either. They continued
in the lives of his descendants
because God had specifically said, "I will
establish my covenant between me and
thee and thy seed after thee in their generations
for an everlasting covenant, to
be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after
thee" (Genesis 17:7).


Because of that promise, The Blessing
can be traced down through generations
in the pages of the Bible. We can see it
in the life of Abraham's grandson Jacob
as he prospered and increased against
all odds. Even when people intentionally
cheated him in business, Jacob just
kept getting richer. His household eventually
grew so big the region he lived in
couldn't contain it.


Jacob's son Joseph experienced the
same kind of success in the face of even
greater obstacles. When his brothers
sold him into slavery, for example, The
Blessing empowered him to become
the overseer of his owner's entire estate.
Later, when a loose woman's lies landed
him in prison, The Blessing promoted
him until he was in charge of the whole
place. Finally, when the prison couldn't
hold him anymore, The Blessing brought
him to the palace where he ended up as
Pharaoh's right-hand man and prime
minister over the entire land of Egypt.


Who Is Abraham's Seed?

After Joseph died, the revelation of The Blessing began
to dim and Abraham's descendants slipped into 400 years
of Egyptian slavery. But God—who never quits—raised
up a man named Moses, breathed fresh life into that revelation
and taught an entire nation of Israelites to walk
once again in The Blessing of Abraham.


That Blessing was what split the Red Sea for them. It
was what guided them and kept them for 40 years in the
wilderness. It was The Blessing that demolished the walls
of Jericho and launched the Israelites into the Promised
Land. It was The Blessing that gave Samson the strength
to single-handedly slay a thousand Philistines, and gave
David the guts and grace to kill Goliath. It was The
Blessing on Daniel that kept the lions' mouths shut when
he was in their den.


All those people enjoyed the benefits of The Blessing
because of what God said to Abraham. They all experienced
some of its effects because He had promised to give
The Blessing not only to Abraham himself but to his seed.
"That's all great, Brother Copeland," you might say, "but
I'm not Jewish. So what does it have to do with me?"
If you're a believer, it has everything to do with you
because the New Testament says that when God gave The
Blessing to Abraham and his seed, "He [God] saith not,
and to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed,
which is Christ" (Galatians 3:16).


In other words, when God spoke to Abraham and his
Seed, He was speaking directly to Jesus. He was giving to
Jesus (through Abraham) The Blessing that was originally
bestowed on Adam.


That's why Jesus is called "the last Adam" (1 Corinthians
15:45). He was the true inheritor of that Blessing.
His whole earthly ministry was a demonstration of it.
Everywhere He went, He brought blessing. That's why,
when sick people came to Him, He healed them. He was
carrying out the mission Adam had been given. He was
releasing the power of The Blessing within Him to expand
God's kingdom and reproduce God's perfect will as it was
first manifest in the Garden of Eden.


There wasn't any sickness in the Garden of Eden, so
healing is part of The Blessing and Jesus healed at every
opportunity. There wasn't any poverty or hunger in the
Garden, so prosperity is part of The Blessing. Therefore
He multiplied loaves and fish to feed the hungry crowds
who came to hear Him. There was no harmful weather
in the Garden, so when a storm threatened destruction,
He spoke to it and calmed it down. That was The Blessing
in action.


It's Our Inheritance

But Jesus didn't stop there. After demonstrating
the power of The Blessing in His own life, He went
to the cross and paid the price for the sin of all mankind.
He defeated the curse, rose again and took The
Blessing back so that you and I could inherit it. As
Galatians 3 says:

Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law,
being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed
is every one that hangeth on a tree: that the blessing
of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through
Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the
Spirit through faith…. And if ye be Christ's, then are
ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise
(verses 13-14, 29).


Do you realize what that passage is saying? It's telling
us that through Jesus, you and I have become heirs—not
just of a blessing, not just of some blessings, or even many
blessings. We've inherited The Blessing! We've been given
the power of God to create, to make available, and to
overcome anything necessary to bring into manifestation
the conditions in the Garden of Eden not only in our own
lives but in the lives of others.


That's our inheritance! We are heirs to everything God
did in that Garden. Our job now is to help expand it and
do our part to fill the earth with its blessing. That was
God's will for the first Adam and today His will is back in
place through Jesus, the last Adam.


Some people say we need to get our minds off The
Blessing and back on Jesus. But the truth is, you can't separate
Jesus from The Blessing. It's what He came to restore.
It's what He walked in and made available to others when
He ministered on the earth…and it's what He has called
us, as His disciples, to walk in and make available to others
in His Name.


Today, I believe the angels are once again waiting with
anticipation, watching this new-creation race of reborn
men who have been given authority over the earth in the
Name of Jesus. They're waiting to respond to our command
as we go into all the world, doing the works of Jesus,
and telling everyone who will listen that He has paid the
price for us all to inherit The Blessing



There is something within the spirit of man that rebels against oppression.
There is a knowing, woven into the very fabric of our being, that we were not created
to live in bondage to poverty and lack. We were not designed to submit to sickness
and disease. We were not meant to be the slaves of any earthly person or any
natural thing. We were meant to be kings.


At times that consciousness may be all but crushed by the merciless blows of the devil. It may be
numbed into deception by the false teachings of religion. But despite it all, there still burns within
each one of us a longing to somehow escape the domination of natural circumstances and rise again
to a place of dominion. We have the sense, etched indelibly in our spirit, that we were originally
created to reign in a Garden of Eden…and nothing can quench our desire to live there again.


Why is that?

Because, from the beginning, that has been God’s will for mankind. He literally breathed that
will into the entire race on the sixth day of Creation, the day when, as Genesis 1 says, “God created
man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.
Then God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue
it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that
moves on the earth’” (verses 27-28, New King James Version).


The New Living Translation puts it this way: “God
blessed them and told them, ‘Multiply and fill the earth
and subdue it. Be masters over the fish and birds and all
the animals.’”


Be masters.

Those were the first words God ever said to man. And
with those words came the divine power to back them
up—a power that was delivered to Adam through what
the Bible calls The Blessing.


God Never Gave Up

At first glance, you might wonder why Adam even
needed such a blessing. After all, he lived in the Garden
of Eden—a perfect place where everything he could possibly
need was already provided, a place pre-designed to
reflect God’s best and highest will.


But, as wonderful as that Garden was, it did not
encompass the entire earth. Its scope was limited.
According to the boundaries given in the Bible, it occupied
only a few hundred square miles in the vicinity of
modern-day Iraq.


Adam’s assignment was to change that. His job was
to finish what God had started by using his God-given
authority and the power of The Blessing to multiply and
expand the Garden of Eden until the whole earth was
filled up with it. He was given the awesome responsibility
and anointing to reproduce the conditions of Eden
wherever he went.


That wasn’t just God’s plan for Adam. It was His plan
for all mankind…and His plan has never changed.
Most believers today, however, don’t realize that. They
assume that when Adam and Eve blew off The Blessing
by joining themselves to Satan and turning it into a
curse, God called the whole plan off. They think He
canceled Adam’s original assignment and withdrew the
power He’d given to fulfill it. They believe God gave up
on the Garden of Eden after the Fall of Man, so they’ve
given up on it too.


“Well, this old earth is cursed,” they say, “so I guess as
long as I live on it, I’ll suffer the effects of that curse too.”


Years ago when I first got born again, I thought the
same thing. As a result, everywhere I went the curse followed
me. It kept me poor, sick and defeated in every
area of life. I tried desperately to get away from it. I’d
think, Maybe it will help if I move over here…. Maybe
things will get better if I get a different job. But no matter
where I went that cursed environment went with me.


Don’t misunderstand. I knew I was saved and that I
was going to heaven when I died—and I was extremely
grateful for that. I’d even received the Baptism in the
Holy Spirit, but my life did not bear the slightest resemblance
to the Garden of Eden. Gloria and I were $24,000
in debt (that’s like $150,000 in debt these days). We had
an old car that was an absolute embarrassment, and very
little income. Since we were practically void of revelation,
nothing we did succeeded.


Right in the middle of that, however, I went to
Oral Roberts University and, because I worked for
Brother Roberts, I was thrust into his tent meetings.
There I witnessed astounding miracles. I watched in
amazement as he used his faith again and again, like a
mechanic uses a tool, to set people free from the oppression
of sickness. I heard him preach “seed faith” and God
is a good God.


About that same time, my mother introduced us to
the teachings of Brother Kenneth Hagin and I found
out I didn’t have to live under the curse anymore. I could
live in the blessing of Abraham because, according to
Galatians 3:13-14: “Christ has redeemed us from the
curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is
written, ‘Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree’), that
the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles
in Christ Jesus, that we might receive the promise of the
Spirit through faith” (New King James Version).
Honestly, back then I hardly knew what that meant.
But I was smart enough to study the life of Abraham,
and I found out he was an extremely successful man.
God’s blessing followed him around much like the curse
had followed me. Everything he did prospered!
I Didn’t Understand It—But It Worked!


Just that little bit of revelation revolutionized my
whole perspective on life. I began to see Gloria and
myself not as just poor folks trying to get by from one
day to the next, but as extremely wealthy—spiritually,
mentally, physically and financially.


Gloria and I (since we’d learned some things about
how to operate by faith) even began to talk that way.
When money ran short, instead of saying, “We can’t
afford that…” we’d say, “We’re blessed, glory to God! The
blessing of Abraham is ours through Jesus and all our
needs are met according to His riches in glory.”


When we first began to say those things, our circumstances
weren’t any different than they ever were. We still
didn’t have any money. We were still loaded down with
debt. But inside we saw ourselves differently, and before
long the revelation we had on the inside began to change
what was on the outside.


Eleven months later, we were totally out of debt…
and we’ve never been in debt again. What’s more,
God’s blessing began to expand in our lives and change
the atmosphere around us. Life just kept getting better
and better.


Even so, I didn’t fully understand what I’d tapped into
for a long time. I knew “the blessing of Abraham” had
come on me because of what Jesus did through His death
and resurrection. But I didn’t totally realize what the
blessing of Abraham was.


Some years ago, however, the revelation of it exploded
within me and I’ve never been the same.


I was sitting on my back porch one night preparing to
preach when it happened. I’d finished studying and I just
began to worship and praise God, singing an old song I
learned about 40 years ago that says, “Oh, the blessing of
Abraham is mine. For sickness, I have health, for poverty
wealth, and the blessing of Abraham is mine.”
Right in the middle of that, the word of the Lord
came to me so powerfully it almost jerked me up off the


He said, I want My Garden back!
“Uh…what did You say?” I asked.
He said, I came to earth. I defeated Satan. I broke his
power. That Garden belongs to Me again and I want it back!
I want My property back!

That’s when it hit me: The blessing that was on Abraham
to multiply, be blessed and be a blessing
to all the families of the earth
is the same blessing God originally
gave Adam. God never gave up on
His original plan. He just transferred
it from Adam to Abraham,
and then passed it on through
Abraham to Jesus…and through
Jesus to us. That blessing is nothing
less than the divine empowerment
to re-create the conditions of
the Garden of Eden wherever we go!


Faith Is the Catalyst
As a whole, the Body of Christ
hasn’t fully realized it yet, but the
fact is, the moment we accepted
Jesus as our Lord and Savior, He
lifted us out of the curse. Even
though outwardly we are still
on this sin-scourged planet, inwardly
we’ve been set right in the
middle of the Garden of Eden.
Spiritually we’ve been seated with
Christ in heavenly places. Our
life is hidden with Christ in God
(Colossians 3:3) and we’ve been
blessed “with all spiritual blessings
in heavenly places in Christ”
(Ephesians 1:3).


That means if you’re born
again, the Garden of Eden is
inside you right now, and Jesus
is saying to you much the same
thing God said to Adam. He is
saying, I bless you. Now take that blessing and release it
by faith so it can manifest and re-create the conditions of
the Garden of Eden in your life.


Read that last sentence again. Notice it doesn’t
say The Blessing will operate automatically in your
life just because you’re saved. The Blessing has never
operated automatically. It must always be received
and released by faith. Faith works like a catalyst to
activate The Blessing and put its power to work in
your life.


If you’ve ever worked with a chemically activated
adhesive, you understand just how vital a catalyst can
be. That kind of adhesive doesn’t work like glue. You
can apply it in abundance but, by itself, it won’t stick to
anything. You can put it between two pieces of wood,
squeeze them together for a month, and they still won’t
adhere to one another.


But when you add the catalyst, a chemical reaction
takes place. The reaction will cause the adhesive to
harden so completely that you’d demolish the wood
before you could get the two pieces apart.


The Blessing is much like that adhesive. It has in
itself all the divine power and know-how, all the supernatural
properties, to enable God’s people to multiply,
be fruitful and have dominion over the earth. It carries
all the anointings necessary to make us masters over
every devilish thing that would try to enslave us. It carries
with it all the ability we need to begin transforming
our households into a veritable Garden of Eden.


But it won’t start to work until we mix it with faith.
Faith has always been the catalyst for The Blessing.
That was true in the life of Abraham. It was true in
the life of Jesus. And it is true for us. Romans 4 leaves
no question about that. It says: “For the promise,
that he should be the heir of the world, was not to
Abraham, or to his seed, through the law, but through
the righteousness of faith. Therefore it is of faith, that
it might be by grace; to the end the promise might be
sure to all the seed…” (verses 13, 16).


In other words, God in His mercy said to mankind,
I know you messed up. I know Adam blew it and lost
The Blessing, but I want you to have it anyway. It’s My
will. So if you’ll just believe what I say, I’ll bring it to pass
in your life. I don’t care what the devil says about it. You
can have it by grace through faith and not by works.


Abraham was the first person to take God up on
that offer. That’s why the Bible calls him the father of
faith. When God promised to give him The Blessing
that was originally on Adam, Abraham totally believed
it and acted on it by faith. That’s the reason it operated
in his life, changing circumstances, changing
people, changing the countryside, making him rich
and taking care of him wherever he went.


Abraham believed in The Blessing so completely
that when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac, he was
willing to do it because he fully expected The Blessing
of God to raise Isaac from the dead.


Thousands of years later, Jesus did essentially the
same thing. Operating as the “Seed” of Abraham and
the heir of his blessing, Jesus walked in that blessing
by faith, and exercised dominion in the earth like
Adam was originally commissioned to do. Jesus, the
One the Bible calls the last Adam, expanded the reach
of the perfect will of God as it was first demonstrated
in the Garden of Eden by conquering sickness, poverty
and demonic oppression. Then He went to the
cross, accepted the sin of all mankind into Himself,
died and went to hell to pay the penalty for it—all the
while believing The Blessing of God would raise Him
up again.


Now it’s our turn. Because we’re in Christ, The
Blessing belongs to us as surely as it does to Jesus. In
fact, we’re responsible for it because we are His Body
in the earth.


There is coming a day when Jesus will return and
reign for a thousand years and bring this planet, in its
entirety, back under The Blessing of God. What a time
that will be! The Millennial Reign of The Blessing.
We all look forward to that. But until that time, you
and I, as believers have the awesome privilege and
responsibility of manifesting that blessing in our own
lives and households. We have the opportunity of taking
it to others by telling them the good news and
demonstrating the power of The Blessing for all to see.


I can still hear the voice of the Lord in my spirit,
ringing loud and clear, I want My Garden back! It’s
time we, His people, His Body in the earth answer His
call. The Blessing is ours. Let’s believe it, confess it
and release the power of it. Let’s rise up by faith in the
Name of Jesus and take back the Garden of God.

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